The Kikay Mountaineer

I went through a loooot of names before coming up with The Kikay Mountaineer as a name for this blog. And as of this writing, I’m still not sure if I’m going to keep this name. I’m an avid fan of Noelle de Guzman, the Kikay Runner, her blog where she describes her active lifestyle in running while being posh and stylish.I remember when somebody told me that I’m the Kikay Mountaineer version for there was this climb that I looked like a fashionista. Also, if you know me personally, I doubt that you would think that I’m a mountaineer. Yes, my thin pale body doesn’t even looked like it’s fit for climbing. I would normally surprise people whenever I say so. For when I’m not in the mountains, you would see me in a girly fashion: floral dress, skirt, body hugging tees, skinny jeans, heels, wedges, and flats.

Likewise, I’m not really into writing. But I do believe that one doesn’t need to be a professional writer, a hit blogger, or even a journalist to express his or her thoughts. One just need a heart that got the freedom to speak out and say what it wanted to say. I would like to deviate as well from Pinoy Mountaineer‘s blog where Sir Gideon Lasco archives his climbs with the itineraries, do’s and donts’, as well as tips on climbing a certain mountain. I do admit that I’m also an avid fan of his blog. The Kikay Mountaineer however is an archive of the author’s heart for climbing: motivating and encouraging each and every aspiring mountaineer.

The Kikay Mountaineer believes in the idea that more than the physical strength, mental and emotional strength are as equally important as the prior. For whatever the mind believes, the body can achieve. And that motivation plays a big role in climbing: motivation to say yes to a climb, motivation to summit, and lastly the motivation to finish.

I am in the pursuit to have this blog active while my active lifestyle goes on. The Kikay Mountaineer is excited to share her journey with you. 🙂



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