The Genesis of my Exodus

It has been 10 months since I’ve started with my mountaineering career. Naks! It was through a random invite by my officemate Lea for me to join the MMS Orientation last January. Like what I’ve mentioned with my first post, I was honestly not into strenuous physical activities. I would often decline my friends’ invite to join them with jogging or even badminton. I do not even have a pair of running shoes that time. Talk about the lazy lifestyle of just fb-ing the whole day, that was me. Add up the fact maybe that I was asthmatic and could easily get tired.

Likewise, I’ve been fond of beaches and nature ever since. Having been a grown up of the city I guess puts me in deep amazement of the things that I can only see in the province: mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, etc. My friends could attest to this ‘cos whenever we’re on a long trip, they would find me just staring at the window of the bus, gazing at the view of the outside. It was during our Coron trip last year however that I started to entertain the thought of pursuing mountaineering when we climbed Mt. Tapyas. No, it wasn’t even a hike ‘cos it was a stair climb. A looong and tiring stair climb but the view atop was really amaaaazing. Well, I would be exaggerating things but that was really it for me.


At the summit of Mt. Tapyas

Meanwhile, I would often see posts from some of my friends in Facebook of them climbing mountains. I would even inquire and tell them to invite me when they have their scheduled climbs. But the thing that was holding me back was my aforementioned physical condition, thus there’s a little bit of confidence in me. So I thought of getting a training on this but I don’t know what organization could offer it, a good and reliable one. I would even prefer that I know at least one from the group beforehand.

Lea and I during our first minor climb at Mt. Buntis

Lea and I during our first minor climb at Mt. Buntis

It was I guess fate that brought me to MMS when Lea, whom I barely know that time, invited me that I quickly said yes to it. I joined the orientation, signed up for BMC (Basic Mountaineering Course), and the looong story goes on. Being the youngest in the group and probably the least experienced since most of my batchmates were able to attend the MMS Open Climbs prior, it put me in a challenge. It has been 10 months and I’m really convinced that my decision way back then to join this organization is right. It is fascinating to see how people would invest their time, money, and energy for this sport. The stories of the experienced mountaineers put me in deep awe. Doc Mai on how she conquered Mt. Kinabalu last year, the story of Ma’am Donna when she almost fell off the cliff and how she survived, the funny jokes and hirits of Papa Ding and Sir Al, the encouragements of Sir Tristan and Sir Jeff during our rock climbing training, and the rest of the gang who just kept on cheering for me whenever I feel like I can’t do it anymore . If you have that little spark in your heart about mountaineering, an organization related to it ignites it, even more fuels it. If you’re planning to join one, I would highly recommend (without bias 🙂 ) the Metropolitan Mountaineering Society. The training goes from January to May which includes Basic Mountaineering Course, First Aid and Rescue, Ropemanship, Map Reading and Orienteering, Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing, and of course the training climbs. For now, you can join in our Open Climbs for you to get a feel of it, it runs through July to December.

We’ve got a few months left for this year, but not a few climbs. My climbs have all lined up every month which will be concluded by our Mt. Apo climb this December. I’ve even said yes already to our Mt. Kinabalu climb next year, it took me a loooot of courage and motivation to say yes! And which also brings me to a conclusion that I have a lot more mountains to climb on to prepare for this. Whew!

To all of you who have been so supportive of this journey of mine, I want to thank you with all my heart. Keep those encouraging words coming, keep hitting those success stories, and keep showing us your fire in climbing burning. Kudos! 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Genesis of my Exodus

  1. nakaka relate tlga ako d2..kasi gnyan dn ako..although nag lalaro nman ako ng basketball..adik pa din tagala ako sa computer..buti na lng i made the right decision to buy a bike..mas naging masaya and meaningful ang buhay ko..exploring many parts of the philippines that i have never been to..and going there by just biking..SARAP! and meeting new friends and becoming a part of there bike family..tpos nag climb nman ako…ibang klaseng Adventure nman…SARAP! dn..andame ko na nman nakilala at naging kaibigan…Sarap mabuhay pag ganito…dameng friends! 😀

  2. hindi ka nagiisa, taong computer din ako before joining MMS Open Climbs, I join an open climb just to feel and experience mountaineering e nag-enjoy ako kaya I took MMS BMC training hehe, imagine ang hobbies ko dati walang walang physical aspect (computer/board games/card games). Nanliit ako kasi ang lalakas nila umakyat kaya nag-start ako mag-run/jog hanggang sa naging lifestyle ko na, indeed joining MMS is a life changing experience!

    more mountains to climb and more mileage to run for you this year, goodluck kaya mo yan!

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