10 Life Lessons I Learned through Mountain Climbing

Once, I’ve read an article about life lessons in running. So I thought of coming up with an article that equates life to mountain climbing this time. I love how I was able to know first hand on why mountains are being used as a metaphor in life as I’ve been so curious about it.

1.) Live life at your own pace.

I do believe that each one of us has our own natural pace. Some are fast, some are slow, and some are in between. Oftentimes, we miss to savor the great things that life offers, simply because we are in a rush of things just to be at par with the others. Take your time and taste every delight that this world brings. Life is beautiful, don’t be too hard on it, take it easy. 🙂


2.) To climb steep hills require a slow pace at first.

Whenever the slope gets steeper, the rule of thumb has always been to shorten your stride. It normally requires several breaths per step. If you know you’re up for a steep hill in your life, do as how we do it in mountain climbing. Slow down and take deep breaths. Tip toe if needed. Just keep on moving and be patient enough. For your every step, every breath, every sweat, takes you to your most awaited summit!


3.) Getting to the summit is optional, but the descent is mandatory.

Life always offer us choices. And it’s up to us whether we work on the things that we want or just leave them all up hanging. Make your own summit, and once you’re there, never neglect the things that put you up there. Reach for the highest mountains but always keep your feet on the ground.


4.) It’s not just about the destination, the journey matters and whom you share it with.

As they say, life is a journey and not just a destination. Make the most of it by sharing it with the people you love and who are as passionate as you are. Be it on uphills or downhills, embrace the fullness of life with them! The memories that you create with them matters more!


5.) Mountains are like people, never underestimate them.

Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man. Know that the mental and emotional strength of a person are as equally important as the physical strength. Never let other people tell you, you are less than what you really are, for nobody knows you better than you know yourself.


6.) When you’re tired, rest. Take five!

Resting doesn’t make you less of a mountaineer. Likewise in life, taking a break doesn’t make you less of a man. When you find yourself exhausted and feeling helpless and life has become unbearable, pause for a while and lay your back. Pray to God for renewed strength. Remember that in your most triumphant victories and in your darkest cries for help, God is always there.


7.) The rockier the road gets, the more that you have to focus.

Or else, you’ll end up sprained. These stumbling blocks add spice to our lives. They prune us to make us better and stronger. Be brave and embrace them with positivity. Focus on the solutions and techniques to get through it rather than complain how difficult it is.


8.) Never fully trust the signs, wait for the guide.

I’m not saying that you should not believe the trail signs that you see for indeed they are helpful especially when you’ve reached a divided trail. Likewise, I’ve seen how some signs are altered by other campers just to get you lost. I’ve experienced getting misled because of the wrong signals. So I’ve learned to wait for the guide’s direction instead and confirm the path that I’m about to take. In life, I’ve seen many who keep on seeking signs and wonders in their lives that never come. I do not know what my future holds, but I’m certain of the one who holds my future. And I have learned to entrust it to Him, my ultimate guide.


9.) Sometimes, life reroutes lead you to a better post.

Have you noticed that most of the mountains got more than just one trail? You may choose the trail that you want to take from those that are available, which depends on the level of thrill that you wanted. And it wouldn’t be possible if not for the courage of the trailblazers who sought these trails beforehand. Sometimes, life reroutes us to a different trail. Different from what we expected and planned. We would complain about it only to find out at the end that the trail got better views: waterfalls, rich floras and faunas, sea of clouds. Take a leap of faith and be the courageous trailblazer. If life is pushing you to take a reroute, be brave and believe that something wonderful is about to come your way.


10.) The greatest fulfillment in life is not on climbing your own summit, but on helping others achieve theirs.

In a world that sees everything as a great competition, it is already hard to find people whose aim is to help others achieve their success. Little do they know that the most lasting and fulfilling achievement is when they help others fulfill their biggest dreams. Another’s success doesn’t mean less opportunity for you. Know that you’ve been designed to live something greater than yourself. Encourage and enable others achieve theirs too!



14 thoughts on “10 Life Lessons I Learned through Mountain Climbing

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  2. My! i really like this article of yours. This is my 4th time reading this post. In my current state, I can relate much on the last 4 lessons. Thanks for sharing and inspiring 🙂

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