5 Love Lessons I Learned in Mt. Manabu

Before I get into the details of our Mt. Manabu Climb last December14, I would just like to share on how most of our conversations in this climb boiled down into just one topic, love and relationship. Yes, as clear as it gets, and for some reason, every move that we would make were seemed like related to the things that were going through the hearts and minds of the girls that I climbed with. Haha! I hope to get more entries on this once the Valentine season comes. I compiled everything that they said and came up with some wisdom on it.

1.) Yang ambon na yan, parang mga lalake lang yan, susulpot pero ndi ka seseryosohin

I could smell some bitterness in here. Haha! True enough, that ambon just passed by and didn’t really pour on us. But I do hope that boys are really not like these drizzles. I’ve seen a lot of girls getting into heartaches after a guy gets into a move that misled them. Guys, please do take note that girls are emotional human beings and that every move you make speaks VOLUMES into their minds. Every words you speak, every touch you give, and every compliments she receives from you are valuable. If you’re not planning to take her seriously, do not flirt with her and confuse her. Otherwise, be a man and just tell her what you really feel towards her, pursue her. Well, fine, I know that’s not as easy as it may sound. But the bottomline is, commit when you’re ready. πŸ˜‰

2.) Kala mo matibay ung kinapitan mo, marupok na pala. Bawal kasi mag-assume!

This one’s related to #1 I guess and is applicable for both boys and girls. Although I admit that girls are the ones who usually fall into this trap of assumption. It gets really tempting to assume isn’t it? That whenever a guy texted us with “Ingat ka pag-uwi!” or “Pagaling ka!”, we would automatically presume that he’s into us. Let’s just admit it, we love the thought that someone likes us, or that somebody appreciates our beauty. But girls, we’re setting our hearts into some pitfalls whenever we assume. If a guy is nice towards you, never assume that he likes you unless he says so. It could be that he’s just being friendly or just really being nice to everyone. Guys, do your part as well and do not pull the “never assume card” on us by not being a jerk.

3.) Pag sobrang maputik na, dapat alam mo kung kailan ka kakapit o magpapadulas na lang

So here comes the “when to let go of a love that is not working anymore”. Hmm.. If you think that your relationship with your partner doesn’t grow anymore or doesn’t go any further, then you might have to think twice. Assess both sides and a sincere talk about this matter with your partner would really help. Both of you should decide if it’s already time to let go of it and move on, or still work it out. Love conquers anything anyway. Whew! So I sounded like a real love expert in there. Hehe πŸ˜‰

4.) Ingat ka sa mga teka-teka, masakit yan pag natinik ka!

The teka-teka plant

The teka-teka plant

If you guys haven’t seen a teka-teka plant, then look at the picture at the right side. Be very wary of it because it really got lots of thorns! Perhaps on why it’s called teka-teka whereinΒ teka means to stop, or to bring something to stop. It can pierce through skin and even clothing. We associated this plant with the jerks, two-timers, and heartbreakers. Haha! Yes, that’s how mean we were. Girls, be very wary of these kinds of guys. If you’re not sure if what he’s showing you is the real him, then you would have to observe on how he treats the girls in his family. Once I’ve read on a book that how a man treats the women in his life, that’s likely the same way on how he would treat you once you guys already tie the knot. You are precious and worth all the love, don’t waste your time and energy for someone who doesn’t even know how to value you.

5.) You’re not scared of heights, you’re just afraid to fall and get hurt

Whew! That was deep and really striking! Falling is indeed painful especially if no one’s there to catch you. More painful if you’re expecting someone else to catch you, but didn’t, or just can’t. I’m talking about the literal falling! Haha you guys! πŸ˜€ But seriously, a lot of us are missing the thrill of things just because we’re afraid to take the risk. We always love the thought of love, or being in love. That’s how love songs were made anyway. But a lot are afraid to fall for it because of the pain that is usually associated with it. If you think that it’s a love worth fighting for, then go and fight for it. Do not be a coward and just stay on the safe side. Perfect love casts out fear.

So there you go! I hope I made sense in here and that these things helped if you’re currently going into something now. Or perhaps you could tell me how one of your climbs made you reflect your view about love. Feel free to share it via the comment box! Thank you for taking the time to read this! Hihi! Love love love! πŸ˜€

Perfect love casts out fear. :)

Perfect love casts out fear. πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “5 Love Lessons I Learned in Mt. Manabu

  1. sharing what i’ve learned.. πŸ˜€
    magkamali ka man ng trail na tatahakin, makakarating ka pa rin sa pupuntahan mo, matuto ka lang hanapin ang tamang daan, makakauwi ka pa rin…
    ganun din sa pag-ibig, magkamali ka man ng lalaking minahal, matatagpuan mo pa rin ang para sa’yo… keep moving, di bale nang lumubos sa putikan, lakad lang ng lakad hanggang makita sya.. nyahaha!

  2. Nice Mam Mylene… Just sharing my opinion… Sana ok lng, first time ko lng magcomment sa isang blog.. πŸ™‚

    I’ve always loved seeing the sunset everytime I climb… Bakit?.. Kasi Ito ang Oras na bigla mong maiisip ung mga bagay-bagay na gumugulo sa’yo.. Maari kang malungkot, maiyak o panghinaan ng loob.. Moment din para marealize ang isang pangyayari.. Pero Kung iisipin ang tanging ibig sabihin lang nito ay natapos na ang araw at may panahon na para magpahinga… Dahil kinabukasan meron kang aabangan na sunrise!… “Love sometimes could be deceiving..” Parang “sunrise” naman.. Mas Maganda masilayan ang sunrise sa summit pero minsan di mo sya makikita kasi walang clearing, maulap o maulan but technically speaking the Sun always rises.. Di mo man makita eh alam mong nanjan sya… you just have to see through it or minsan naman nasa maling panahon lang.. Remember this song?.. “Your love is like the sun that shines on my whole world, I feel the warmth inside…” Hehe.. ^_^

  3. eto lng po masasabi ko… πŸ™‚

    entry-1 not 100% agree ( some are dead serious…hehehehe)

    entry-2 ur dead on..tama un.. πŸ˜€

    entry-3 ur right! kung ang relationship hndi na nag momove forward, time to decide..

    entry-4 tama! madaming guys/girls laro lng ang habol (but not all are like that πŸ™‚ )

    entry-5 tama! take risk! pag nasaktan move forward…that’s life and that’s the reality.. πŸ˜€

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