10 Reasons Why You Should Join A Mountaineering Org

I’ve been getting a common question these past few days from friends on whether it’s good to join a mountaineering organization or just better be a freelancer, or those that are just sabits during climbs of different organizations. Most likely you also have the same question thus you’re on this page right now. Stop contemplating and read the below 10 points on why it is better to join one.

1.) It will ignite that burning passion.

You might’ve read on books or blogs or quotes from famous people that Pursuing your Passion has always been the key to happiness. And once you already consider mountain climbing as your passion, joining a mountaineering org ignites it the more. I can attest to that. It’s like a pile of woods made into a bonfire. The more woods you put into the bonfire, the more it flames. Seclude yourself and it will definitely put the fire out. I personally was deeply amazed by just seeing how passionate the members are whenever they would invest their time, money, and energy for this kind of sport. Talking to them and hearing their wonderful stories would fascinate you the more.

2.) You will get to learn more about mountaineering.

Nothing beats learning things first hand and hearing success stories from real people. Once you get into a mountaineering org, you will definitely meet the tenured ones who are very willing and gladly to share how they survived your dream mountain. You will get practical tips and techniques that will maximize your chances of conquering a mountain. You will learn how to be the best of the both worlds of pain: the pain that hurts and the pain that molds. You will get useful info on where to buy a certain equipment at a great deal because they definitely know more. Whether you have to splurge or save for an item, ask them and they will definitely give you the best answer. Also, a self-practicing newbie is more prone to developing bad habits without the constant watch of someone who is already experienced from the group. You wouldn’t want to find yourself unaware of getting into these habits, would you?

3.) You’ll meet and gain new friends! Hooray!

Sure you’ve got lots of friends already. But how about creating new ones? Wouldn’t it be great getting to know new people sharing the same passion as you? Diversity of personality will always be there but the mountains always have a way of getting people closer together. It could be the risks and dangers associated with this sport, or simply just the peace and tranquility that speaks through the hearts and minds of each and every climber giving them a solid common ground that makes them feel closer with each other. If you find your social life barren and boring already, why not try joining a mountaineering org this time?

4.) You’ll meet people with the same set of skill and passion as you

Most likely you’re not just hooked to a single sport or hobby. Am I right? Chances are, you are also into biking, running, swimming, badminton, photography, arts, music, video games, etc. A mountaineering organization is very diversed that you’ll most likely get to meet people with the same set of passion as you. You’ll be surprised that you’re not alone in this world doing your own stuff. Most of the mountaineering organizations that I’ve known do have an inter-group, say Bikers, and they would meet up and organize a schedule ride for their mini group. A group of landscape photographers would then share the latest camera specs that a certain brand just released. Or probably the inter-group of runners would invite other runners to join an upcoming marathon event.

5.) It will expand your network

Surely, every mountaineering organization is somehow connected with other organizations. Once you join one, you get to enjoy this vast array of resources. Looking for a job? A wide network will definitely help you land your dream job by establishing friendly connections. If you’re into business, or planning to have one, the number one rule has always been to expand your network. Joining one would definitely help you and would cross out that step on your bucket list of to do’s.

6.) It will save yourself from the hassles of planning trips/hikes

While it is fun and exciting to organize a trip of your own, joining an organization that has already set the itinerary for you would definitely save yourself a big bunch of a hassle. All you have to do is pay the necessary fees and just jump into their ride. The itineraries have been proven to be productive and will surely maximize those precious leaves that you just filed.

7.) It will save you money during travels

You’ll definitely get to save on trips whenever you go in a group since you will be able to divide the total cost to the number of participants. You also won’t be needing to pay those Guest Fees required by these organizations to add up to their funds.

8.) It will test your character and maturity

As I’ve mentioned earlier, we can not eliminate the diversity of personality of the people in an organization. This has usually been the root cause of the common disputes that I’ve known. But knowing the different types of personality of these people that you get to climb with makes you more mature and strengthens your character by simply understanding each individual’s differences. You’ll realize the importance of the person more than your opinion. And that being kind has always been the better choice over being right. Hiking is indeed a test of skill, but above all, it is a test of character.

9.) Chances are, you’ll get to meet your “The One” in here

When I was in college, it was taught during our Psychology class that you’re most likely to get developed to somebody who shares the adrenaline rush with you. Surprisingly, Chemistry has a way of explaining it but I won’t expound it in here. You may google it if you want. 😉 But seriously, I’ve seen a lot of people who’ve met their special someone in a mountaineering organization. It could be that guy who helped you tie your shoelaces, or the girl who cooked for your breakfast. He could be your best trail buddy, or simply just that person who keeps on motivating you that you can do it. Or rather, that person who will catch you when you fall. Literally and figuratively. 😉 I don’t guarantee the likelihood of my point in here, but chances are big that you’re gonna meet him or her here. 🙂 Personally, I haven’t though but I’m definitely not closing the doors of possibilities. Hehe. 😀

10.) As Nike says it, Just Do It! Join a Mountaineering Organization!

Okay, so I’m now in my last point and since I got you up to this level already, I’m hoping that you’re way past your state of contemplating. Mountaineering is best experienced than just read or heard. You might’ve enjoyed reading my past blog entries about these stuff that I’m doing but I could tell you that those are all underrated. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of the mountains. Like people, you may adore them from afar but you have to get closer to appreciate their real inward beauty. You have to feel the adrenaline rush for real and you have to get yourself immersed with the culture of the nature lovers and adventure seekers. Just do it!

The next question now is what organization should you then join with? Simply put, join an organization that not only interests you because your crush is there 😉 , but join one that already has an established way of making their members grow and enriched themselves in the mountaineering world. Observe their members and how they usually go about the organization’s culture.

Without bias, I would personally recommend the Metropolitan Mountaineering Society. Like you, I was also in the look for an organization that will satisfy my curiosity in this field. But it was just fate that has brought me in here. Joining their Basic Mountaineering Course exactly a year ago has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The above 10 points were all based on my experience as their trainee and I will definitely not put my credibility at risk by just making up unreal stories. 😉

So there you go, I personally invite you my dear reader, to join the MMS Basic Mountaineering Course for this year 2014! Face your fears! Push your limits! And have fun in MMS! If you have more questions, feel free to comment below or simply just attend the Orientation on January18. You may check on the poster for more details. See you there! 🙂



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